New York is a most cosmopolite city of the world. You can find people from ebvery country in this city.

   The famous Statue of Liberty is the symbol of New York. It represents freedom and democracy over the world. It was a gift from France to the United States . Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi sculpted and Gustave Eiffel constructed the iron framework.
    Famous places:
   Brooklyn Bridge was built to connect Manhattan island to Brooklyn in 1883. It is 1,600 feet long and is the first to be made of steel.
   The fifth tallest edifice in the world: Empire States .It is constructed in 1931

   In the heart of Manhattan stands Central Park from Midtown all the way to Harlem. It is very relaxing area in this great city.
   Other famous districts are Wall Street and the Financial District: it is most historic district and financial center ,Harlem , Greenwich vilage ,Chinatown , Upper East Side ,Upper West Side.

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